Tuesday October 31, 2017


Connectivity Issues

Thank you for your patience. Everything is back up and running and we wanted to give you a summary of what happened.

On October 31, 2017 (yesterday) at 3:50pm PST, Slack went down for all users. This was the result of a routine internal deployment of software to our servers which unfortunately caused all of our customers to become disconnected, and left them unable to reconnect.

Once we identified the problem, we worked to scale up new hardware to process the bulk of the requests. To avoid further overloading the system when folks came back online, we used standard rate limits to allow for gradual reconnection. By 6:00pm PST, all customers had reconnected to Slack once again.

We understand that people depend on Slack to get their jobs done, and we are deeply sorry for the disruption this caused. Thank you again for your patience.

6:45 PM PST

We've been tracking connections to Slack since our changes were deployed and believe that all users should once more be able to access Slack. Thank you for your understanding and patience, we do not take it for granted and will continue to investigate and learn from this outage.

6:35 PM PST

The fixes we've rolled out are showing positive results, though we're not out of the woods yet. Please hold tight as we work to get everyone back into their workspace.

6:01 PM PST

We are currently working on some fixes that will relieve these connection problems. We understand how important it is to stay connected with your team, and we hope to bring some good news soon.

5:22 PM PST

We're so sorry for this disruption to your day. We are doing all we can to get you back into your workspace. Thank you again for your patience.

4:39 PM PST

We are aware of connectivity issues and are actively lnvestigating.

3:58 PM PST

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