Friday September 7, 2018


Some people are having trouble connecting to Slack, we're working on it.

Technical Summary:
From 11:15am to 11:28am PT, 100% of customers were not able to use Slack.

A deploy to our webapp to enable a feature for how we handle incoming connection requests referenced a function which wasn’t present in a specific file. This missing function caused all incoming requests to fail, returning connection errors to our users.

We rolled back that change for all users at 11:26am. Users were able to receive responses from our app again by 11:28am.

6:20 PM PST

Everyone should be able to connect to their workspace again now. We're very sorry for the disruption to your day, and appreciate your patience while we got things fixed up on our end.

11:28 AM PST

We're investigating problems with connectivity at this time. We're sorry for the interruption and will keep you posted as soon as we have an update.

11:15 AM PST