Friday March 29, 2019


Some people are having trouble connecting to Slack

Issue Summary:

On March 29th at 12:47 PM PDT, a database overloaded, which caused some customers to experience trouble connecting to Slack. Our team deployed a change to reduce the load, allowing the database to recover. Customers were able to connect by 1:19 PM PDT.

11:38 PM PST

The affected workspaces should be able to connect now. Thanks again for your patience, and we're sorry for the disruption today.

3:53 PM PST

If you're affected by the connectivity issue, we're starting to see improvements, but we still have some work to do. We'll let you know when things are working as they should be.

2:45 PM PST

We're continuing to look into the connectivity issue. Thanks for hanging in there.

2:21 PM PST

We're still investigating the connectivity issue, but we don't have additional information just yet. We'll be back soon with another update.

1:45 PM PST

Some folks are having trouble connecting to Slack. We're sorry for the disruption, and we'll update you soon.

1:13 PM PST

Features affected