Tuesday September 29, 2020


Some users encountering degraded performance and connectivity troubles

Issue summary:
On September 29, 2020 from 3:57 a.m. to 6:12 a.m. PDT, some users encountered degraded performance and connectivity troubles within Slack.

A recent operating system upgrade didn't include the necessary network configuration, which limited the way our web infrastructure communicated with some of our servers. Some users then experienced slowness within Slack, such as when loading channels, as well as some requests failing altogether, such as messages failing to send. We resolved the issue by deploying a configuration change to some of our servers.

8:28 AM PST

We're happy to report that users should no longer be experiencing slow performance or have trouble sending messages. If you're still encountering any other issues, please let us know at feedback@slack.com. Thank you for your patience today. We're sorry for any disruption this may have caused.

10:44 AM PST

We're still clearing some cached data on our end, but there are no new reports of this issue. Users should have no issues sending messages or connecting. If you're still encountering any other issues, please let us know at feedback@slack.com.

8:27 AM PST

The performance issues we’ve been seeing should be mostly resolved, and there should no longer be any issues with messaging. However, users may still see some errors as we work to fully fix the issue. We’ll let you know when we’re confident this is fully resolved.

6:48 AM PST

Some users may still be seeing issues with their application around the following: sending messages, connection issues, or troubles with apps or integrations.

We apologize for the continued disruption, and we're continuing to investigate this issue.

6:18 AM PST

Some people may be experiencing slow performance and trouble sending messages in Slack. We're currently investigating, and we'll have more information shortly. Thank you for your patience.

5:10 AM PST

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