Monday February 21, 2022


Some customers may be unable to connect or send messages

Issue summary:
On February 21, 2022 from 4:34 PM PST to 5:32 PM PST, some customers may not have been able to connect to Slack or send messages. This manifested as an error code within Slack.

A code change inadvertently caused a conflict in the desktop app and web client, preventing a small number of customers from sending messages. We reverted the change, resolving the issue for all affected customers.

10:09 PM PST

We have restored full functionality, and all customers should be able to connect and send messages as normal.

Apologies again for the disruption to your work. We'll be back with an issue summary soon.

6:48 PM PST

Customers should be able to connect to Slack and send messages once again. Please refresh Slack with Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + R to fetch the fix.

We're still monitoring the situation, and we'll report back as soon as the issue is fully resolved or we have news to share. Thank you for holding tight.

6:10 PM PST

We're seeing some improvements, but we're still working to fully resolve this.

We'll share another update in 30 minutes.

5:31 PM PST

Some customers may be unable to connect to Slack or send messages. We are investigating and we're very sorry for the disruption.

We'll be back with more information in 30 minutes. Thank you for bearing with us while we look into this.

5:00 PM PST

Services affected