Friday June 30, 2023


Some users may be experiencing trouble logging in

Issue summary:
On June 30, 2023 from 8:12 AM PDT to 4:23 PM PDT, some users may have had trouble signing in to Slack with magic login codes or via the 'Sign In With Email' button.

A code change inadvertently introduced a logic error in the sign-in flow. We identified the error and deployed an initial fix to correct the flawed logic. This resolved the problem with the 'Sign In With Email' button. After further investigation, we deployed a second correction to address the trouble with magic login codes, resolving the issue for all affected customers.

We believed the first fix had resolved the problem for all customers, and we updated the status site accordingly. However, we discovered that the issue with magic login codes had not been addressed, and we posted a separate notice on the status site while we investigated further. We apologize for any confusion and for calling the all clear too quickly.

We have updated the titles for both entries so that they match.

10:30 PM PST

We’ve resolved the issue with magic link codes and all impacted users should now be able to access Slack. Thanks for bearing with us.

12:23 PM PST

Some users may be experiencing trouble logging in with magic link codes. As a workaround, users may login using their email address and password. We apologize for the disruption and will share updates as we have more information.

8:47 AM PST

Services affected