Thursday June 29, 2023


Trouble with Slack API Website

Issue Summary:
On June 29, 2023 between 12:12 PM PDT and 1:47 PM PDT some users had trouble loading and API documentation was unavailable. This issue was caused due to a code change that resulted in to be broken for users that were not logged in. We quickly reverted the change — resolving the issue for all impacted users.

8:33 AM PST

We’ve resolved the issue with our API website. You can access the site at We’re sorry for the disruption we brought to your day, thank you for bearing with us.

1:54 PM PST

We've identified the cause of the issue with our API website and we're working on getting a fix out as soon as possible. We'll be back once we have another update to share. Thanks for your continued patience!

1:25 PM PST

We have received reports of users experiencing trouble loading our website. API calls should still function as normal in Slack. We're investigating and will let you know as soon as we know more. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

12:40 PM PST

Services affected