Tuesday July 25, 2023


Email service is failing across Slack

Issue summary:
On July 25th, 2023 from 3:00 PM PDT to 6:00 PM PDT we received reports of existing members unable to invite new members to workspaces. We traced the cause of issue to a recent code change which prevented emails from being sent. This also impacted logins, workspace creation and potentially other email-based processes. We’ve reverted this change, and the issue was resolved for all customers.

11:46 PM PST

We’ve rolled out a fix and users can login and receive emails from Slack as expected. Thank you very much for your patience while we worked on getting this fix out the door.

6:35 PM PST

We're actively working on a fix for this issue - thanks for sticking with us as we work on this. In the meantime, the below steps will still help with manual logins. We'll be back in 30 minutes with another update.

6:08 PM PST

We’re still investigating this issue, but we don’t have additional information just yet. We’ll be back in 30 minutes with another update.

Please continue to use the below workaround which allow users to sign in manually by following the below steps:
1. Open a web browser and enter your workspace URL (example.slack.com).
2. Click Sign in with a password instead.
3. Enter your Email Address and Password.

5:27 PM PST

Some users are receiving an error message when sending workspace invites. We're actively looking into this, and we'll report back as more information becomes available.

3:56 PM PST

Services affected


Workspace/Org Administration