Tuesday August 22, 2023


Workspace name appearing next to channel names

Issue summary:
On August 21, 2023 from 11:30 AM PDT to August 22, 2023 around 2:30 AM PDT, customers may have noticed the workspace name appearing beside the channel names.

The issue was caused by a product change that impacted our channel name display logic, causing workspace names to appear next to the channel names in the sidebar.

We identified and introduced a fix, resolving the issue for all affected customers.

4:57 AM PST

We’ve rolled out a fix and workspace names should not be appearing next to the channel names. To resolve the issue, please reload Slack using Command + Shift + R (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + R (Windows/Linux). Thank you for your patience while we sorted out this issue.

3:05 AM PST

Some users may notice the workspace name appearing next to channel names in the sidebar. We’re investigating and will let you know as soon as we know more. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

2:24 AM PST

Services affected

Workspace/Org Administration