Wednesday August 9, 2023


Trouble signing into the desktop app for some Enterprise Grid customers

Issue Summary:
On August 9, 2023 from 9:00 AM PDT to August 10th 2023, 8:00 AM PDT, some Enterprise Grid users experienced a failure to redirect from browser to app during login - focus was moved to the app, but the sign in process did not complete.

We made a change to some logging functions and introduced a fix that mitigated the issue. This fix is permanent and will keep this issue from happening again.

2:28 PM PST

We have rolled out a fix and the issue should be resolved for users. We're continuing to investigate the root cause to ensure the issue does not reoccur in the future.
Affected users may need to sign in to the desktop again. Please send a note to if you continue to have any trouble.

9:25 AM PST

Some users may be seeing signs of improvement, but we’re still working towards a full resolution. We’ll be back with another update as soon as the issue is fully resolved.

9:51 PM PST

We’re still actively investigating this issue, but we don’t have any new information to share at this time.

We will be back once we have another update to share. Thanks for sticking with us as we continue to work towards a fix.

6:41 PM PST

We’re still investigating this issue, but we don’t have additional information just yet. We’ll be back in 30 minutes with another update.

Thank you for your patience!

6:02 PM PST

Some Enterprise Grid users may be experiencing issues signing into the desktop app from web browsers.

We are working on it and we will be back with an update in 30 minutes. Thank you for bearing with us.

5:23 PM PST

Services affected