Saturday September 2, 2023


Some users in India are having trouble sending DMs.

Issue Summary:

From 11:00 PM PDT on September 1, 2023 to 01:00 AM PDT on September 2, 2023, some users in India may have had issues with the messaging functionality in Slack.

We determined that the issue was caused by too many requests causing our database to be overwhelmed.

To resolve the issue, we created additional hosts and redistributed the requests which fixed the issue for affected users.

Thank you for your patience while we sorted this out.

8:24 AM PST

We've resolved the issue users experienced when attempting to send messages in Slack. We discovered that this impacted more than just DMs. Users may have had issues with all messaging functionality in Slack.

We're sorry for the disruption this brought to your day and we thank you for your patience while we investigated this further.

1:32 AM PST

Users in India are having difficulties sending DMs. We're actively investigating this issue and will be back with another update as soon as we have more information to share.

12:30 AM PST

Services affected