Friday October 6, 2023


Users are having trouble connecting to Slack

Issue summary:

On Friday, October 6 2023, from 1:52 AM PDT to 2:12 AM PDT, some users were unable to load Slack. This was caused by an issue where certain backend Slack processes were pulling data from our database rather than their cache which caused strain on our servers.

We rolled out a change to how these processes load data, and the issue was resolved for all users.

8:28 AM PST

Customers should no longer be experiencing any connection issues with Slack. Apologies for the trouble today and thank you for your patience.

4:06 AM PST

We’re continuing to investigate the root cause of the connection issues, we’ll provide an update once it’s available. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

3:49 AM PST

Users should be noticing signs of improvement. We’re still looking into the root cause of any connection issues experienced and we’ll provide new information as it’s available. We apologise for any trouble caused.

3:15 AM PST

We are seeing things get back to normal but are continuing to investigate and monitor the situation. We’ll be back with another update in 30 minutes.

2:41 AM PST

Some customers are encountering various errors in Slack. We're actively looking into this, and we'll report back as more information becomes available.

2:11 AM PST

Services affected