Friday November 3, 2023


Users unable to connect to Slack or send messages

Issue summary:
On November 4, 2023, between 5:09 PM PDT and 5:20 PM PDT, many customers were unable send messages or to connect to Slack.

A routine code change introduced a database error that prevented cached data from being cleared correctly, resulting in severe performance issues.

We rolled back the code change and refreshed all affected servers, resolving the issue for all users.

5:59 PM PST

We resolved the issue users experienced when trying to connect to Slack or send messages. We appreciate your patience while we sorted this out and apologize for any disruption to your day.

6:27 PM PST

Some users have been experiencing issues with being unable to connect to Slack or send messages. We are seeing a spike in connectivity errors and our team is currently investigating. We'll be back with another update as soon as we have more info to share.

5:36 PM PST

Services affected