Monday January 22, 2024


Some Enterprise Grid users may be seeing unexpected Slackbot responses

Issue summary:
From 12:20pm PST until 3:00pm PST on January 22, 2024, some Enterprise Grid users noticed multiple Slackbot responses being triggered unexpectedly.

We determined that the rollout of a fix for an older bug report pertaining to Slackbot responses not working in org-wide or multi-workspace channels, was the root cause.

Whilst the fix for the bug was intended to improve this features behaviour, ensuring that Slackbot custom responses would work in these channel types, our wider team concluded that the fixed behaviour might not function well for organizations with potentially thousands of custom Slackbot responses.

We rolled back the deployment which caused this behaviour. Customers will no longer see these Slackbot custom responses being triggered unexpectedly.

A discussion is underway about the long-term future of Slackbot custom response behaviour within large organizations.

Thank you for your patience whilst we resolved this.

7:06 PM PST

We've completed rolling back the code which cause this issue, and users should no longer be seeing these Slackbot responses. Thank you for bearing with us on this one, and we apologize for the disruption to your day.

3:14 PM PST

To clarify our last update, we have started the process of rolling back the code, but that work is not yet complete, and some users may still be affected. We apologize for this miscommunication.
We believe this revert will resolve the issue and are actively working to complete this process as soon as we can.

2:29 PM PST

We have identified the code that was causing the issue and have rolled it back. We are currently working on a more permanent fix to ensure this does not happen again.

1:47 PM PST

Some Enterprise Grid users may notice multiple Slackbot responses being triggered unexpectedly. We are aware of the issue and are investigating.

1:15 PM PST

Features affected


Workspace/Org Administration