Tuesday February 27, 2024


Trouble signing in on mobile for some Owners and Admins

Issue Summary:
On February 27, 2024 from around 8:30 PM PST to 10:06 PM PST Workspace Owners and Admins were experiencing issues while setting up two-factor authentication during sign in on iOS devices.

The issue was caused by a two-factor authentication feature deploy to users on the Pro subscription. After identifying the root cause the feature was was rolled back and this allowed all users to log back into Slack.

4:26 AM PST

Customers should no longer be experiencing any trouble signing in on mobile app. Apologies for the trouble today and thank you for your patience.

10:36 PM PST

Some owners and admins of workspaces on the Pro plan may be unable to sign in to the mobile app at the moment.

We're on the case, and we'll be back with more information in 30 minutes.

If you need urgent assistance signing in to the mobile app, please contact us at feedback@slack.com.

9:55 PM PST

Services affected





Close button for right pane not appearing for some users

Issue summary:
On February 26, 2024, from 9:21 AM PST to 9:16 AM PST on February 27, some users encountered the close button disappearing in the right pane where threads and profiles are viewed.

We discovered this was caused by a missing check in the change workspace process that prevented the right pane elements from rendering properly. Once the cause was identified, a change was made to the logic for drawing Slack's interface when switching workspaces. Once the change was rolled out, the issue was resolved.

11:12 AM PST

We've rolled out a fix and the right pane is now working as expected. If you're still encountering any trouble, please reload Slack using Command + Shift + R (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + R (Windows/Linux). Thank you for your patience while we sorted out this issue.

9:24 AM PST

We've identified the cause of this issue and we're working on getting a fix out as soon as possible. We'll be back once we have another update to share.

8:02 AM PST

Some customers are reporting they are missing the close button in the right thread pane. Some users have reported that refreshing Slack via Ctrl + R (Windows/Linux) or Cmd + R (macOS) fixes the issue.

We're actively looking into this, and we'll report back as more information becomes available.

7:41 AM PST

Services affected