Thursday February 8, 2024


Profile photos aren't displaying properly

Issue summary:

Starting around 12:46 PM PST on February 6, 2024, until around 4:06 PM PST on February 9, 2024, some users experienced issues with their profile pictures loading, resulting in the default avatar image displaying instead of their custom image.

We identified a bug that caused missing image data from a database cache. We fixed the bug and reset the backend cache to pull new data, which initially fixed the issue around 4:00 PM PST on February 6. However, some users began experiencing the problem again once their Slack client refreshed.

We continued investigating the issue, tracing it back to a piece of code that would push older image data to a database that housed profile information, and promptly reverted the incorrect code which resolved the issue for all affected users.

6:40 AM PST

The issue some users experienced with profile pictures not displaying properly has been fixed. If you're still encountering the issue, a hard refresh of your Slack client (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + R) is recommended. For mobile users, you may need to clear your Slack app cache.

We appreciate your patience while we sorted this out and apologize for the inconvenience. We'll follow up with a summary of the issue once it's available to share.

8:47 AM PST

A small subset of users may still experience trouble with their profile pictures displaying, though the majority of profile photos should be restored after a hard refresh of their Slack desktop client or after clearing app cache for mobile clients.

To conduct a hard refresh on your desktop app, you can use Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + R. For affected users on mobile, you may need to follow steps specific to your device to clear your Slack app cache.

We continue to work toward fully resolving this and will be back with another update once we have news to share.

12:37 PM PST

We've been investigating an ongoing issue where profile photos aren't displaying properly for some of our users. In order to facilitate improved communication and transparency, we'll be sharing any new updates here.

The cause of the issue has been identified and we're working on getting a fix out as soon as possible. We'll be back once we have another update to share.

1:24 PM PST

Features affected