Monday February 26, 2024


Issues sending and loading messages

Issue summary:
On February 26, 2024 from 9:00 AM PST to 9:36 AM PST, some users experienced problems sending and loading messages in Slack. Others may have completed these actions successfully but more slowly than expected.

Earlier today, we deployed a routine update to part of our network infrastructure. During this work, we deprovisioned some of our proxy servers and provisioned a new set. Some of our webapp servers took longer than expected to sync with the new list of proxy servers, resulting in a spike in connection errors. This coincided with the regular 9:00 AM PST increase in traffic to our servers, which may have exacerbated impact.

By around 9:36 AM PST, error rates had decreased and user impact had completely subsided, most likely due to our automatic scaling functionality. However, we're continuing to analyze data from this event to fully understand the root cause and prevent similar issues in the future.

5:47 PM PST

Starting at 9:00 AM PST on Monday, February 26 to 9:30 AM PST, a small percentage of users encountered trouble sending messages, loading messages, and accessing Slack.

These errors were caused by an increased load on our servers, and reduced as our servers balanced the load across our system. User should no longer be encountering issues with Slack.

Please send a note to if you continue to have any trouble.

9:49 AM PST

Services affected