Wednesday February 7, 2024


Some users may be having trouble connecting to Slack.

Issue summary:
On February 7, 2024 from around 9:23 AM PST to 9:51 AM PST, a small percentage of users may have experienced issues connecting to Slack or searching within Slack.

Our automated alerting systems detected an unusual spike in traffic to one of our servers. We carried out a thorough investigation, but the load subsided naturally as we worked, resolving the issue for all affected users.

While we did not take any remedial action in this case, we continued our investigation to better understand the problem and potential mitigation strategies for similar issues in future.

6:06 PM PST

Users should no longer be experiencing any trouble connecting to Slack. We apologize for the disruption and thank you for your patience.

1:14 PM PST

Some users may no longer have trouble connecting to Slack, but we are continuing to monitor the situation closely and investigate the root cause.

We appreciate your patience while we sort this out.

11:24 AM PST

We’re seeing signs of improvement, but we’re still monitoring the situation. We'll be back with another update once we have more news to share.

10:25 AM PST

A small percentage of users may be experiencing trouble connecting to Slack.

We’re investigating and will let you know as soon as we know more. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

9:52 AM PST

Features affected