Monday April 1, 2024


Incorrect font color and unexpected UI elements

Issue summary:
From 3:41 PM PDT until 4:13 PM PDT on April 1st, 2024, some customers experienced problems with the Slack interface, including issues with text color and contrast.

We made a code change to improve some of our CSS styling. This change inadvertently caused a problem with some color and contrast variables in dark mode, resulting in the interface issues.

As an immediate mitigation step, we stopped the code change from rolling out any further. We then reverted to an earlier version, resolving the issues for all affected customers.

7:48 PM PST

We've resolved the issues with the unexpected user interface behavior and incorrect font colors or text symbols. Affected users can hard-reload their app (using Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + R) to immediately receive the fix.

We apologize for the trouble and appreciate you bearing with us while we worked this out.

4:38 PM PST

We are looking into some unexpected user interface (UI) behavior in Slack, such as incorrect font colors and text symbols. We're investigating this and will share an update once we know more.

4:14 PM PST

Features affected