Wednesday May 15, 2024


Users from teams using SSO cannot change their display names, despite SSO settings allowing them to.

Issue summary:
From 14 May 2024 12:38 PDT until 16 May 2024 07:53 PDT, some customers using single sign-on (SSO) reported they were unable to change their display names, despite their SSO preferences/settings allowing them to.

A piece of code that was recently released was the root issue. The code affected account-type permissions and made the UI appear like no one in a team could update display names, despite settings being correctly adjusted to allow this of users.

We immediately adjusted the script on said code, allowing those affected to be able to update display names again.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

8:01 PM PST

We’ve resolved the issue with members and admins of teams that use SSO not being able to change their display names.

Thank you for your patience while we sorted out this issue.

8:26 AM PST

We've received some reports from teams who use SSO that admins and members cannot change their display names, despite SSO settings indicating they should be able to.

We're promptly looking into the matter and investigating why this is happening. We'll be back in touch here with more information once we learn more.

8:44 PM PST

Services affected

Workspace/Org Administration