Monday May 27, 2024


Some customers unable to access legacy Posts

Issue Summary:

From Friday, May 24 at 1:30 PM PDT until Monday, May 27th at 1:45 PM PDT, a small number of users were unable to access the legacy posts feature. Users would encounter an infinite loading spinner instead of loading their desired post.

We traced the issue to a recent change that altered how a backend service loaded assets for this feature. The change was rolled back and functionality returned to normal.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this issue may have caused and are evaluating additional logging to allow similar issues to be identified earlier.

8:16 AM PST

Thanks for your patience. We identified a connectivity error in one of our services that supports legacy Posts. We reproduced the issue, found the code causing this error, and reverted it. Posts should now load as normal.

2:20 PM PST

We have identified a possible root cause and are continuing to work to resolve this issue. We'll reach out again once we have more information.

10:45 AM PST

We’re looking into an issue impacting the legacy Posts feature for organizations who have not migrated to canvases and we’ll let you know as we learn more. Thank you for bearing with us in the meantime.

9:33 AM PST

Features affected