Thursday March 9, 2023


Some customers are seeing errors when attempting to connect Google Drive

Issue summary:
On March 9, 2023 from 8:28 PM to March 10, 2023 8:40 AM PST, some users that were signed into multiple workspaces experienced a redirect issue when signing into the Google Drive app from Slack.

After the sign-in button was clicked, the user was redirected to a different Slack workspace they were signed into, causing a 400 Bad Request response.

We made a code change to ensure the user was redirected to the proper workspace, fixing the authentication error and resolving the issue.

12:12 PM PST

Thank you for your patience. We identified the issue and released a fix. Users should no longer have trouble connecting to Google Drive.

We apologize for any disruptions to your day.

9:46 AM PST

Some people may be having an issue connecting Google Drive. Our team is looking into this and will share more details as they are uncovered.

10:38 PM PST

Services affected