Thursday August 24, 2023


Some users may be missing sidebar sections in Slack

Issue summary:
On August 24, 2023 between 10:41 AM PDT to 4:10 PM PDT, channel sections were missing from some users' sidebars.

We determined that a recent update in code failed to process an older format of data objects coming from our cache.

While we reverted this change and saw the majority of the issue resolved, this action caused an issue localized to the new data format and some users were still affected.

Once we pushed a fix to normalize and handle all objects in the cache, channel sections were restored for all impacted users.

2:31 PM PST

Missing channel sections should now be restored for all affected users. You may need to reload Slack (Command/Control + R) for the fix to take effect. Thank you your continued patience while we worked to resolve this issue, and we apologize again for the disruption.

4:53 PM PST

We've determined this issue isn't fully resolved, though some users may be seeing signs of improvement. We'll continue to provide updates as they become available.
Thank you for your patience while we sort out this issue.

1:17 PM PST

We’ve resolved the issue and restored missing channel sections for all impacted users. You may need to reload Slack (Command/Ctrl + Shift + R) in order for this fix to be reflected on your end. We’re sorry for the disruption we brought to your day.

11:57 AM PST

Some customers are encountering missing sections on their sidebar in Slack. We're actively looking into this, and we'll report back as more information becomes available.

11:38 AM PST